September Distance Learning Team Update

On September 15, 2015, the Distance Education Team met. One of the many accomplishments of the meeting was to provide several Tips for the website. One tip they put forth advises distance education instructors to avoid cognitive overload by “chunking” content into manageable sizes. In order to ensure this, instructors could have a colleague outside their discipline see if pages of content seem reasonable. More tips from this team will be on the website soon. The team also provided a list of retention practices that will be added to a spreadsheet being compiled by the Steering Team. Finally, the team reviewed and made some changes to the survey they plan to send to students who have taken distance courses. The Distance Education team plans to meet again on October 20.


September Steering Team Update

On Thursday September 3, 2015, the Steering Team met for its regularly scheduled meeting. The topics included a discussion of HLC Academy Mentor Feedback. The feedback was not as positive as we had hoped, however, even before we received the mentors’ comments, we had begun to make changes. One of big changes is the new website design. As time goes on we expect the site to become more and more interactive. We have also started a newsletter and intend to promote the website elsewhere. Another concern was our lack of data analysis. A major part of this project is building a data warehouse, which in itself is likely going to have the most long-lasting impact of all things that come from this project. Once the warehouse information is verified, we can begin analysis on data from it, but at this point we are still a few months away from that. In the meantime there will be some analysis on already existing data from the factbook as well as from already existing data sets. Results will be forthcoming within the month.